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Does a Barber Need Insurance?

Whether they own their own shop or lease a station at a barber shop business, barbers need to carry business insurance.  Besides basic coverages like general liability and business personal property, barbers should obtain an endorsement for barber shop professional liability.  This covers things like cutting a customer’s ears with your clippers.  One of our insured clients was sued by a TV anchor that claimed the dye job in his hair ruined his appearance and forced him to miss work for an extended period of time.  Because he was paid a lot of money and was an on-air personality, the amount of money he was going after was quite high.

Barber shop concepts like V’s Barbershops and Floyd’s 99 Barbershop have become quite popular.  V’s, for instance, has 13 stores open in Arizona, ranging from Arcadia to Tucson.  The industry is fast-growing and is somewhat recession-resistant as men’s hair grows regardless of the economy.  In a bad economy, men can cut back by getting their hair cut less frequently or by finding the cheapest hair cut possible, but neither of those options are particularly attractive if they end up looking terrible.  Barbers and barbershop business owners should not overlook the risks they face just because the investment opportunity is attractive.  They need to find a company like Allstate to help manage those risks at a very affordable price.

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