home-based cookie baking

Do I need insurance if I bake cookies and sell them from home?

The answer is yes.  It does not matter that you don’t have a physical office.  It does not matter that you may already have homeowners or renters insurance covering your property.  You need liability protection for various scenarios where your business could be on the receiving end of a lawsuit.  It could include everything from a customer getting sick to someone’s checking account or credit card information being compromised after you took a payment.  Additionally, if you ever want to expand your customer base and sell at a bake sale, swap meet, social event or to do any type of catering, you are probably going to be asked to provide Evidence of Insurance.  Instead of scrambling to get a policy at the last minute, it is probably a good idea to buy it upfront.

Costs for home-based baking businesses are often minimal.  They could be under $300 per year, possibly more depending on the size and scale of the operation.  In Arizona, the best next step is to call Allstate at 480-595-7434 or enter your information on the quote form at AZBusinessInsurance.com.  This will give you a really good idea of what the cost will be and you can pick and choose whatever additional coverages you need.

JD Power

Allstate Earns #2 J.D. Power Ranking for Small Commercial Insurance

J.D. Power’s latest study on small commercial insurance had Allstate finishing 2nd out of 14 national insurance companies.  One of the drivers of the high score was the multi-channel approach.  Commercial insurance customers want to be able to interact with an agent in person and over the phone, have mobile apps, websites, and interactions via email and text message.  In general, large businesses are happier with their insurance when compared to smaller businesses.  (They include both micro businesses with fewer than 5 employees and smaller-size businesses with 5-10 employees into the small business category).  This is probably because a large business like a car dealership that is spending $10,000 a year or more on insurance is going to get a much different level of involvement than a wedding photographer that might be spending around $500 per year.

There were quite several big name companies that fell below the industry average, including Zurich, American Family, Liberty Mutual, The Hartford, Nationwide, Travelers, and CNA.  Some of the carriers aren’t really focused on commercial insurance while others focus on larger companies and aren’t strong with small businesses.




az commercial auto insurance

What does Commercial Auto Insurance cover in Arizona?

Commercial auto insurance is a lot like a personal auto policy that you would purchase to cover your own cars.  The difference is that the policy covers cars that a business owns.  The drivers include the business owner and other employees that drive the vehicles.  Commercial auto insurance does not have to just cover work trucks, vans, or heavy duty vehicles like that, it can cover ordinary cars like a Honda Accord or a Ford Taurus.  As long as it is owned by the business, it can be covered.

The basic parts of a commercial auto insurance policy are:

  • Liability Protection
  • Collision
  • Comprehensive
  • Uninsured Motorist
  • Rental Vehicle Damage
az barbers insurance

Does a Barber Need Insurance?

Whether they own their own shop or lease a station at a barber shop business, barbers need to carry business insurance.  Besides basic coverages like general liability and business personal property, barbers should obtain an endorsement for barber shop professional liability.  This covers things like cutting a customer’s ears with your clippers.  One of our insured clients was sued by a TV anchor that claimed the dye job in his hair ruined his appearance and forced him to miss work for an extended period of time.  Because he was paid a lot of money and was an on-air personality, the amount of money he was going after was quite high.

Barber shop concepts like V’s Barbershops and Floyd’s 99 Barbershop have become quite popular.  V’s, for instance, has 13 stores open in Arizona, ranging from Arcadia to Tucson.  The industry is fast-growing and is somewhat recession-resistant as men’s hair grows regardless of the economy.  In a bad economy, men can cut back by getting their hair cut less frequently or by finding the cheapest hair cut possible, but neither of those options are particularly attractive if they end up looking terrible.  Barbers and barbershop business owners should not overlook the risks they face just because the investment opportunity is attractive.  They need to find a company like Allstate to help manage those risks at a very affordable price.

Quotes are available by filling out the quote request form at azbusinessinsurance.com or calling 480-595-7434.

employment practices liability

What does Employment Practices Liability cover?

If a former employee sues your business, you should look over your insurance policy and make sure you purchased an optional coverage called Employment Practices Liability.  If you don’t have that coverage, it is quite possible your business could be at risk for tens of thousands of dollars.  Any business with employees needs to have this coverage.  If you already have a policy, add the endorsement or contact a carrier like Allstate that can give you a quote.

EPL helps protect you from lawsuits related to wrongful termination, sexual harassment, or discrimination.  Keep in mind that even a frivolous lawsuit that gets dismissed could end up costing your business a boatload in legal fees and take up an exorbitant amount of your time.  For all but the thickest-skinned business owners, it will cause you a lot of stress.  Buying a business insurance policy with EPL is a no-brainer for most business owners.

We offer quotes for commercial insurance policies here.

business insurance for photographers

How Can I Insure My Expensive Cameras?

If you are a professional photographer, you need a business insurance policy.  Most venues and clients will require you to be insured before they ever let you set foot on a job.  While general liability insurance may suffice, it will not protect any of your personal property, including expensive cameras and lenses, if they are stolen or damaged in an accident.

Allstate has a Business Shield offering for photographers.  Besides providing you general liability coverage, it also offers photographic equipment off-premises coverage.  Other coverages that most photographers should go with include business personal property, business income & extra expense, valuable paper & records, miscellaneous professional liability, and data compromise.  What if your great photos of a wedding are ruined while you are developing them.  You can count on getting sued and you can count on using your miscellaneous professional liability coverage.

Nicky & Wendy can provide you with an Allstate business insurance quote for AZ photographers.

realty office

I own a real estate agency. Is E&O the only insurance I need?

The answer to this question is NO!

You might have obtained an E&O policy through a preferred broker of NAR or your local association.  This Errors & Omissions policy covers you for professional liability, basically negligence or mistakes.  This might include things like listing the wrong square footage on a house and being sued over it by the buyer who feels they overpaid once they learn the true square footage.  You might have even purchased endorsements like mold lawsuits involved in a real estate transaction.  However, this professional liability again only covers real estate transactions and does not cover you on the whole array of risks you face as a business owner.

Real estate agency owners should purchase a businessowners policy.  Allstate has a Business Shield policy which is customized to real estate agents and agency owners.  There is coverage for things like business personal property (for instance, if someone breaks in and steals computers or other equipment), valuable paper & records (if a pipe burst resulted in water showering down on your office), business income & extra expense (if a covered loss prevents you from opening your business and generating any income).  There are other liability risks besides just professional liability from real estate transactions (which would fall under your E&O policy).  Think about injury lawsuits and theft of customer data.  You also might have commercial autos that need to be insured on a separate policy.


What type of insurance does a Arizona chiropractor need?

While Arizona chiropractors know that they cannot open their doors without malpractice insurance, many are unaware that they also need a business owners policy.  Malpractice insurance helps protect the chiropractor from a potentially devastating lawsuit from a patient that has a medical problem, injury or death that the chiropractor may have some liability for.  However, there are a whole lot of other risks that are completely unrelated to patient care.

These risks include things like:

  • Property Damage
  • Damaged Documents or Files
  • Missing or Destroyed Billing Records
  • Employee Dishonesty
  • Injury Lawsuits from Office Visitors
  • Wrongful Termination Lawsuits
  • Customer Data Loss or Theft
  • Employee-Caused Accidents
  • Vehicle Accidents from Company Owned Cars or Employee Errand Running

Allstate offers a Business Shield insurance product which is customized for chiropractors & their offices in Arizona.  Requesting a quote from our two Allstate Business Insurance experts, Wendy and Nicky, is the first step.  They will contact you and you will likely be pleasantly surprised at the depth of coverage at such an affordable cost.


AZ Flower Shops

Business Insurance for Arizona Flower Shops

Owning a flower shop allows you to profitably serve the needs of various communities around Arizona with artistic and beautiful arrangements.  We know you are dealing with customers in their most exciting as well as difficult times, and we would like to help you manage the risks of running your business.  Our Business Owners Policy is customized for the needs of flower shops and florists.  You will have general liability protection that a landlord or lender will require.  In addition to that, there are many other coverages available that are custom to flower shop owners.  Think about things that could go wrong:

  • Someone trips on the welcome mat as they leave your store in Scottsdale with a floral arrangement in hand.
  • Flowers don’t make it to an expensive wedding reception and the customer sues because you ruined their expensive wedding at the Royal Palms in Phoenix.
  • A refrigerator goes out, ruining thousands of dollars in floral arrangements.
  • A fire does major damage to your storefront and closes your business for an extended period of time.
  • Customers’ credit cards and personal data are compromised by a hacker.
  • One of your employees causes a major car accident on I-17 going from Tucson to Benson, which results in property damage and injuries to others.
  • An ex-employee sues because they say they were wrongfully terminated.

You could purchase various coverages for these scenarios, or if you just want basic liability to keep your landlord happy and your costs down; that is an option as well.  Request a quote and see what your options are.