employment practices liability

What does Employment Practices Liability cover?

If a former employee sues your business, you should look over your insurance policy and make sure you purchased an optional coverage called Employment Practices Liability.  If you don’t have that coverage, it is quite possible your business could be at risk for tens of thousands of dollars.  Any business with employees needs to have this coverage.  If you already have a policy, add the endorsement or contact a carrier like Allstate that can give you a quote.

EPL helps protect you from lawsuits related to wrongful termination, sexual harassment, or discrimination.  Keep in mind that even a frivolous lawsuit that gets dismissed could end up costing your business a boatload in legal fees and take up an exorbitant amount of your time.  For all but the thickest-skinned business owners, it will cause you a lot of stress.  Buying a business insurance policy with EPL is a no-brainer for most business owners.

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